An interview with MARILYNN SEITS on the making of KARMIC TRIBUTE .

MARILYNN SEITS interviewed by author and columnist Joseph Neal
on the making of KARMIC TRIBUTE

JN - KARMIC TRIBUTE is a wonderful listen. Is there a concept to the album?
The title is suggests a spiritual homage...

Marilynn - The theme is playing my favorite songs written by my favorite jazz composers...
pieces I had always wanted to record but didnıt yet. It was hard to choose and many got
left out because there wasnıt room on a sixty minute CD. Maybe thatıs the signal
for a followup recording...

JN - I am intrigued by the eclectic cross section of composers you chose. Many of
these compositions are not easy to arrange and play well, but you pulled it off.
How did this CD develope?

Marilynn - I wanted this CD to include pieces from my favorite jazz
composers who also happen to be my favorite pianists except for
Steve Swallow and Charles Mingus, two of my favorite bassists.
The Neville Potter piece, ³Welcome to Forever² ended up on the
CD because it was played by Chick Corea and is associated with
him. Carla Bley is here because I love her playing: never an
unnecessary note and her compositions,along with Steve Swallowıs
are so full of fun, humor and surprise. Billy Strayhornıs music is, in
my opinion, the epitame of beautiful, haunting melody lines. They
melt into your soul. Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett are the two pianists
Iıve listened to the most, both live and on recordings. Their technique and
improvisational skills are awesome and I never tire of hearing their music.
Charles Mingus wrote the most sensuous music & I heard him play ³Orange...²
many time at the Five Spot.

JN - How does this recording differ from your others?

Marilynn - This is my first solo jazz recording and itıs also the first recording
of standards. Usually I record only original music. I think I was afraid that I couldnıt
do justice to other writerıs music.

JN - How did the concept for this album come to you?

Marilynn - Iıve been thinking about this album for many years now. Every time
Iıd play ³Pononica² for instance, Iıd think, I really love Monkıs music, I should
record that. So when my son Andrew came to me one day and said that heıd like to engineer
a solo piano recording for me, I jumped at the chance.

Q: I understand you sometimes gig in a trio with your two sons, and though they
don't perform on KARMIC TRIBUTE they both have studio credits. How did they get involved
in the process of making this CD?

Marilynn - Well, my older son Andy McAusland came to me one day and said
that we didnıt have any recent solo piano recordings and he wanted to to engineer one.
My other son Sean McAusland, designed the art and grphics for the whole CD and told me
I needed new photos. So one son got me to record the music, the other got me to take photos.
It was a wonderful experience working on a creative project like that with my two sons.
Our next project is to record as a quartet, adding a drummer we've recently hooked up
with who fits right in with our unconventional approach to performing.



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