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Wellington jazz pianist offers a flip side to talent

Marilynn Seits ranges from jazz to New Age and teams up with her sons in one persona.

Wellington keyboardist Marilynn Seits leads a double life. The jazz pianist
has recent releases from avant-garde trio (Soundscapes, with saxophonist Peter
Ponzol and drummer Abbey Rader) to solo (Karmic Tribute, featuring Seits playing
pieces by Bill Evans, Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk), plus a forthcoming traditional
and latin jazz CD by her Vibrations Jazz Ensemble to be called Rained Out.

The other side of Seits is the spiritual, meditative New Age music that recalls
her trips to the Far East during the past 12 years. Recordings like Feathertouch
and the most recent Threads of Violet Light showcase Seits' use of synthesizers
and of music as a healing art.

Seits' Vibrations Jazz Ensemble, as seen on recent weekends at the Lake Worth
French Restaurant L'Anjou, appears to blend her two disparate sides only in that
she uses a Roland synthesizer (on which she gets mostly Fender Rhodes electric
piano sounds anyway). Joining her are her sons Andy McAusland (guitar) and Sean
McAusland (bass), making for a musical version of Family Affair.

"I was a stay-at-home mom, and a single mom for a long time," the Chicago
native recalls. "So my sons came along with me and brought their instruments...
and became my roadies."

Playing a hollow-bodied Gibson guitar and a fretless six-string bass,
respectively, Andy and Sean are roadies no longer. The Vibrations Jazz Ensemble
plays originals, jazzy versions of blues classics like Stormy Monday, and
challenging jazz standards by the likes of Clifford Brown and Miles Davis.

The stylistic convergence is a reflection of the family's other bands, the
blues act Monks In Blue and the improvisational jazz/fusion group Dinosaur
Construction Unit. Seits also plays with several area big bands, and the family
runs its Creative Music Recordings label and studio out of Wellington.

Vibrations drummer Rod Parker will join Seits and sons during the next two
weekends at L'Anjou, a most unlikely spot for jazz until chef and and co-owner
Mark Cela decided to convert the corner dining room into a lounge. The results
both spiritual and swinging.

See the Marilynn Seits Vibrations Jazz Ensemble from 10 p.m. - midnight today
and Saturday and August 9 - 10 at L'Anjou, 717 Lake Ave. in downtown Lake Worth.

BILL MEREDITH, Local Music Page 32 The Palm Beach Post FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 2002 TGIF



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